Gas & Electric

Airtime Solutions have partnered with one of the UK’s leading utilities and energy consultants, Fidelity Energy, to offer your business Gas and Electricity Solutions.

It’s difficult enough running your own business without having to worry about the spiralling costs of gas and electric in an upward changing and volatile market. This is where we come to your aide.

Just think – If you could have today’s Gas and Electricity prices in 3 years’ time would you take it? We can offer you this very scenario EVEN if you have up to 3 years left on your existing contract! We run live tariff checks showing TODAY’S prices of up to 20 Gas and Electric suppliers to ensure that you will have the most competitive price available for your FUTURE energy consumption.

Simply put, whenever your current contract ends your new contract will start with today’s pricing, potentially saving you thousands over your next contract term. Nothing changes with your existing contract; that still continues to run as it is now – We just do you a new one today for when your current one finishes. No fuss, no hassle and more importantly you don’t have to spend your valuable time scouring the providers yourself, we do it all for you! All that we need to secure your best tariffs NOW is a copy of your latest energy bill and authorisation from you to do the tariff checks, that’s it!

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