Mobile & MBB

“Your mobile phone, laptop or tablet is vital to your existence – They will win your company business and help you become more of a success.”Scott Jones Sales Director

We truly believe that the ability to talk to your customers is the most important part of any business whether that be by landline, mobile or email. Without communication between a business and their customers or suppliers many, if not all, businesses would not exist. We acknowledge this and because of this we will not put you on a network that isn’t right for you or your business just because it’s cheaper (believe us you’d be surprised how many people go to a new network not knowing what the coverage is like in their key areas just because it’s the cheapest deal), the ability for you to communicate is more important than saving a couple of pounds a month. Having said that if we can save you money we certainly will do!

Airtime Solutions are O2 Approved partners, EE business partners and Vodafone resellers through Vodafone partners Gamma telecom. Our sole aim is to offer you the finest available B2B network solutions for your company with whichever network is best for you. We offer upgrades on your existing network but if you feel that you’d like to change for whatever reason we can look at moving you to another network and yes you can keep your existing mobile numbers and no it doesn’t take forever to do! We’ll talk you through the process step by step so you know exactly what’s going on and when.

At Airtime we understand that it’s not just about giving you a device and connection to the network. We know that how you use the phone or equipment we provide can make a real difference to the proficiency and efficiency of your business. We will work with you and give you the service that will help you further the success of your company not just at point of connection but throughout your time with us.

If you would like to learn how we can keep all of your mobile devices connected and working for you drop us a line, we’ll be happy to hear from you!